G2A pays out $40,000 to Wube Software over chargebacks

G2A pays out $40,000 to Wube Software over chargebacks

Polish games marketplace G2A has settled a legal dispute with Factorio developer Wube Software to the tune of $40,000.

According to a release on G2A's website, the two companies worked together on an audit and discovered that 198 of the 321 software keys that Prague-based Wube alleged to have been sold online illegitimately had been sold through the marketplace between March and June 2016.

In July 2019, Wube said that it had lost more than $6,000 through chargeback fees; $20 for each instance. This will be due to someone buying keys from the studio with a stolen credit card to sell on. The cardholder will report the fraud to their bank, who will take the money back from Wube, in addition to issuing a chargeback penalty fee.

The firm later said that it had reached out to G2A to try and settle the matter, but Wube said that the marketplace had dragged its heels in getting back to the developer.

"Fraud directly hurts individuals who buy illegitimate keys, it hurts gaming developers and it ultimately hurts G2A because we are forced – as the transaction facilitator – to cover costs related to the sale," G2A wrote.

"We wanted to amplify that message and capture people’s attention, so pledged to compensate developers ten times the value of any chargeback fees they incurred, despite the fact that we had nothing to with the illegal acquisition of these keys."

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