Only 19 developers have backed G2A’s proposed key blocking tool

Only 19 developers have backed G2A’s proposed key blocking tool

Global digital marketplace G2A’s proposed key blocking tool only has 19 studios supporting it.

That’s according to, which reports that Beer Money Games, Bossa Studios, CCP Games, Crimson Leaf, Deep Silver, Dirty Beast Games, Dynart, Electrocosmos, Farom Studio, Fox Byte Games, Hound Picked Games, MetalBear, Modoka Studios Entertainment, Moonlight Mouse, Nyaargh, SimaGames, Squidpunch Studios, Tate Mutimedia, and Troglobytes Games have signed up for the scheme.

The company made plans for the tool following its dispute with Mike Rose, the director of indie publisher No More Robots. Rose has created a petition calling for the marketplace to stop selling indie games, gathering more than 6,300 signatures.

G2A’s key blocker will be designed to prevent keys from being sold in its store, enabling developers to mark keys as giveaway codes or review copies.

The key marketplace has claimed that the project is costly, asking for the support of 100 studios, with a deadline of August 15th.

However, being 81 developers short of what it wants, G2A has extended its deadline to the end of August.

A breakdown and defence of how the company operates was released following the continued criticisms from game publishers and developers. But indie companies such as No More Robots would rather see its games pirated than purchased through G2A’s store.

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