Superhot VR has sold over two million copies

Superhot VR has sold over two million copies

Superhot VR has sold more than two million copies across all virtual reality platforms.

As revealed in a blog update, Superhot has gone double platinum. In May 2019, the game had been sold two million times across consoles and PC. The latter accounted for around 40 per cent of sales.

Over seven days, SuperHot VR made $2 million. In April 2019, the virtual reality version of the shooter had shifted 800,000 copies, which means that in just over a year, the game had moved over one million units on the platform.

The indie shooter was first released for VR in December 2016. It was first released on PC in February 2016, while an Xbox One version was released in May 2016. The PlayStation 4 port came out the following year.

We caught up with Superhot Team business developer Tomasz Kaczmarczyk to discuss the game's success and what direction the developer was going to move in.

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