Twitch viewership up 23% in March

Twitch viewership up 23% in March

Live streaming platforms have seen a surge in usage due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

That's according to data from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet – as reported by Engadget – which shows that between February and March, Amazon's Twitch service saw an increase of 23 per cent in the number of hours watched. On top of this, the platform saw a 17 per cent increase quarter-on-quarter, and a rise of 19.5 per cent, in simultaneous viewers.

Furthermore, the number of channels on Twitch has risen by 33 per cent, likely due to people trying their hand at streaming whilst stuck at home during the pandemic.

Its competition also experienced an increase in the number of hours of content being watched on their platforms. For Microsoft's Mixer this was an increase of 15.9 per cent, while YouTube saw a 10 per cent rise. The smallest increase was Facebook Gaming, which saw just a 3.8 per cent difference for the period. 

Last month, Twitch held a charity live stream – Stream Aid – to raise money for Covid-19 relief efforts. It featured an assortment of people from gamers, to singers and athletes. Furthermore, former Twitch streamer Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins donated $150,000 to the cause.

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