Twitch raising money for coronavirus fight with Stream Aid 2020 event

Twitch raising money for coronavirus fight with Stream Aid 2020 event

Streaming platform Twitch is looking to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts with the Stream Aid 2020 benefit event.

As announced on Twitter (below), the live stream features not just games but music two from stars around the globe. Artists taking part include Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Jordan Sparks, Steve Aoki, Wes Schultz and more.

To see the full list of gamers, singers and sportspeople that are taking part click here.

The live stream is being held on Twitch's own channel. Throughout the event, viewers can donate money to the COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund for WHO through the United Nation Foundation.

Plenty of money has been donated to help various organisations combat the disease. Last week, League of Legends creator Riot Games pledged $1.5 million to help those affected in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Mixer streamer Ninja and his wife, Jessica Blevins, donated $150,000, they urged those who can do so to do the same.

Recently, Summer Games Done Quick was postponed. However, organisers have created a new event for next month dubbed Corona Relief Done Quick. All money raised through the event will go to Direct Relief.

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