Report: 33% of UK gamers say community has been more positive during lockdown

Report: 33% of UK gamers say community has been more positive during lockdown

A new survey by Russian publisher My.Games has found that 33 per cent of gamers in the UK been acting more positively since the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown.

More than 5,000 people across North America and Europe were surveyed by the company, with the publisher collected the data in the week of April 20th. Respondents answered questions on self-isolation, gaming habits and their living situation.

The surveys were completed following sessions on My.Games' PC titles such as Lost Ark, Warface and Conqueror's Blade.

Overall the UK proved to be the most positive nation. 33 per cent of respondents said that the community had been more positive, with 27 per cent saying that it had been more united. Meanwhile, 17 per cent believed people the groups had become kinder.

Players from the US and Spain said the community had been more positive – 32 per cent and 33 per cent respectively – while 30 per cent of Canadians felt this way. Just over a quarter – 26 per cent – of Italian respondents said that they felt this way, just ahead of the 22 per cent of Germans and 20 per cent of French gamers.

93 per cent of UK respondents were isolating, ahead of the 91 per cent of Italians. Canada and Spain saw isolation stats of 90 per cent and 88 per cent respectively. Furthermore, only 10 per cent of UK respondents have locked down alone, while 40 per cent were with family.

Germany proved to have the highest number of people in lockdown alone at 17 per cent. Across all markets, time spent playing games has increased by 50 per cent. Daily, in the UK, the average time spent on games is 3.6 hours. Spain is just ahead at 3.9 hours while France reports 3.4 hours.

The majority of respondents in the UK feel optimistic about the lockdown at 56 per cent. Meanwhile, 29 per cent were struggling with the situation. On the flip side, Italy was 49 per cent negative compared to 41 per cent positive.

"While it is great to see the My.Games community coming together to support each other in these difficult times, the results show there is still work to be done" said My.Games CEO Vasily Maguryan.

"As members of the Fair Play Alliance, we are working hard to create more inclusive, healthy communities in our games. We will keep doing what we can to support our players and developers as the situation develops."

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