Stadia's new update adds 5.1 surround sound for on the web gaming

Stadia's new update adds 5.1 surround sound for on the web gaming

The latest update for Google's Stadia streaming service introduces 5.1 surround sound for games played on the web.

As revealed in a community update, additional features include an on-screen keyboard when playing on the web with a gamepad connected to the streaming platform.

For mobile players, notifications will now inform you of the connection quality, letting users know if they are likely to experience lag.

At release, Stadia was missing several promised features. Namely, the inability to use 4K as promised. Last month, after a long time of asking, fans were given a game capture library. In November, the Buddy Pass was added. A couple of weeks later, the Stadia assistant was put in early access.

It wasn't until December 2019 that all Chromecast Ultras became compatible with Stadia.

Earlier this month, Google made Stadia Pro free for two months. In February, the tech company revealed that a free service will be released in the "next few months."

Last month, a new partnership between Splash Damage and Google for a new Stadia-exclusive title was announced. That same month, The tech giant rolled out an indie self-publishing scheme – titled Stadia Makers – with Unity.

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