BioWare is a developing a new game for one of its "most prestigious franchises"

BioWare is a developing a new game for one of its "most prestigious franchises"

Bioware is set to develop a major title in one of its "most prestigious franchises."

That's according to a new job listing – as spotted by Segment Next – in which the developer says it is looking for a new technical director in its Edmonton studio.

"You will be the most senior engineering lead on the next major title in one of BioWare's most prestigious franchises, and a contributing leader to BioWare studio strategy," reads the job description.

"You will partner with the other disciplines to build the technology and the programming team to deliver amazing player experiences."

However, no details have been given as to what franchise the game is from. It would be fair to assume that it could be a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age game – the latter of which is confirmed to have a new title in the works.

Many fans have been after a Mass Effect trilogy remaster for years. More so than ever after the lacklustre release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. It is worth noting that the Edmonton studio is headed by Michael Gamble, he previously worked on the ME trilogy and Andromeda.

Of course, there is another Bioware franchise that is owed a revival. Earlier this year, it was rumoured that a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being developed. It is a popular franchise with many fans having called for it to be rebooted over the years.

Electronic Arts has cancelled multiple Star Wars projects since obtaining the rights to it in 2013. In January 2019, the publisher claimed that it is still committed to the Star Wars IP.

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