Ninja has donated $150,000 to help those affected by the coronavirus outbreak

Ninja has donated $150,000 to help those affected by the coronavirus outbreak

Pro streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has donated $150,000 to coronavirus relief efforts.

As announced on Twitter (below), Blevins and his wife Jessica have followed in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon in giving money to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus. All three of them donated to Feeding America.

The charity is working to ensure that school kids still get a decent meal despite being at home. It also aims to provide people in need with essential items such as cleaning supplies and care products.

"We have been inspired by @vancityreynolds and @jimmyfallon who both made donations to @feedingAmerica We have donated 150,000 dollars, and encourage others to try and stay positive and practice social distancing," said Ninja.

In the video posted by Blevins, he encouraged people to take the outbreak seriously. Furthermore, the streamer went on to ask the public to practice social distancing> He has also asked those with spare money to donate it to a worthy cause as well.

Last year, Ninja signed an exclusive deal to stream on Mixer. Reportedly, he was paid up to $30 million to do so.

Multiple events have been cancelled as a result of the outbreak, including E3 2020. On top of this, many companies such as Microsoft, Bungie and Google have asked its staff to work remotely.

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