The Epic Games Store introduces wishlists

The Epic Games Store introduces wishlists

Epic Games has added a new feature to its storefront.

As reported by GamSspot, the Epic Games Store now has wishlists for its users. When searching for games, a heart icon appears next to the title, clicking on it will add it to the wishlist.

Currently, the feature has several features, these include what's on sale, alphabetical order of games and recently added.

According to the firm's Trello roadmap, upcoming features include self-service refunds and mod support for games. Future development features include new currencies and payment methods, achievements and gifting.

When it launched in 2018, the storefront was missing several features. Since launch, multiple features have been brought in – one update saw the Humble Bundle keyless integration and cloud saves.

In January, the Fortnite maker introduced OpenCritic integration to its storefront – this allows users to see how well a game is performing on various websites.

In October 2019, the storefront got a redesign. Since launch, the Epic Games Store has drawn in 108 million PC users. Last year, we asked the question, what impact has the Epic Games Store had in its first year?

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