Iam8bit pulls out of E3 2020

Iam8bit pulls out of E3 2020

Video games merchandise company Iam8bit is no longer going to be involved in the upcoming E3 2020.

Taking to Twitter (below), the firm said that it had resigned as the creative director of "what was to be an evolutionary E3 2020 floor experience."

No reason is given for why Iam8bit has pulled out of the event and it wished organiser the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) luck in putting on the trade show.

The ESA said it wanted to "shake things up" for E3 2020, teaming up with companies from the industry to "reinvigorate" the event.

The LA trade show has been put into a strange place, initially being a convention where businesses would meet to make deals and see what the upcoming output of top publishers was, it has become much more of a media event where the biggest companies in the industry come to show off their wares. With companies like EA deciding to hold their own events nearby and PlayStation maker Sony Interactive Entertainment opting to not come at all, E3 needed to evolve with the times.

The show is also apparently still going ahead despite California declaring a state of emergency over the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

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