Death Stranding's PC launch will use Denuvo

Death Stranding's PC launch will use Denuvo

Death Stranding will use Denuvo's digital-rights-management (DRM) on PC.

As shown on the games' Steam page, the idea behind a publisher opting to use DRM is to prevent tampering with its title.

However, it is a temporary measure. Denuvo itself acknowledges that all games can and will be cracked at some point. However, the software firm aims to protect the initial sales of the game.

"The message hasn't really changed," sales director Elmar Fischer told in the past

"It's still about protecting the initial sales window. That's something that varies from publisher to publisher - it can be two months, it can be two weeks. We've had a rough couple of months, especially September and October last year, especially when FIFA and Total War: Warhammer 2 launched and were cracked in hours. It is a cat and mouse game with the ups and downs. We were definitely in a down in autumn of last year."

Earlier this week, Hideo Kajima's title was confirmed to be coming to PC on June 2nd. It will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. 505 Games are publishing the PC version.

The Italian publisher picked up the rights to the game in October 2019 - the game did not launch on PS4 till November 8th. Kojima claimed Death Stranding appeals to the tastes of Europe and Japan more than the US after his game received mixed reviews in the latter.

Kojima himself will receive the prestigious BAFTA Fellowship Award. He has been given the honour due to all his contributions to the games industry. His title will lead the BAFTA Game Awards 2020 - both Death Stranding and Control have received 11 nominations.

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