Media Molecule would love to bring PS4-exclusive Dreams to PC

Media Molecule would love to bring PS4-exclusive Dreams to PC

PS4-exclusive game creation title Dreams is not in development for PC.

Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, the creative director of developer Media Molecule Mark Healey expressed his interest in bringing Dreams to PC further down the line. Currently, the game is only available on Playstation 4.

“I think that would be cool,” said Healey.

“I mean obviously Sony have an opinion about that but yeah, I think, I don’t know where it’s going to go in the future, I mean it would be great to see that.

“That’s not something that’s happening right now,” he continued, “but I think a lot of that depends on where the games industry goes in general, I suppose.”

“I mean I think Sony have become more open recently to publishing stuff on the PC in general anyway, haven’t they? Isn’t there some stuff that’s happening, I’m not sure?”

When asked about the future of dreams, and if it would come to the PS5 once its released, Healey claimed that he would like to see the game have continued success on PS4 first.

“Obviously at the moment we’re focused on PS4 and I would actually hope that it extends the life of the PS4, to be honest with you, then maybe when other companies start making games for it, the community will carry on making games for it, but if it’s as successful as we hope it is then it’s an obvious progression," said Healey.

“You know, it’s a platform, so ideally in the future we’ll migrate to whatever is relevant,” Healey continued. “That’s probably about as much as I can say without getting smacked by someone.”

Last month, it was reported that the widely popular PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC. It has been a long time since Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a title on a different platform to PlayStation.

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