2020 is a critical year for PUBG as an esport according to pro players

2020 is a critical year for PUBG as an esport according to pro players

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds esports player Keiron "Scoom" Prescott has claimed that this year is a "make or break" time for the battle royale's pro-gaming scene.

Speaking to The Loadout, the player insisted that the change in the game's competitive structure meant that 2019 was a wasted year, when it should have been used to further develop PUBG as an esport.

“PUBG should have kept the same structure it had way back in 2018, which was an open circuit in which you qualify and it was a tournament every couple of months," said Prescott.

"I think that’s way more appealing for viewers."

Prescott added: “I still believe that PUBG is the most balanced and entertaining battle royale out there.

“I really believe battle royale esports are good and can continue to be so in the future, but it comes down to the developers at the end of the day. If they do a good job in terms of communicating and marketing, it has a future.”

Prescott previously played for Team Liquid, however, he left the squad at the tail end of 2018 to join Team Reciprocity. Currently, his future in the esport remains uncertain as Rec is no longer supporting Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

“When Rec signed with PUBG, it was in a much better place to be frank,” said Prescott.

"PGI was very successful and that’s one of the reasons they were interested. They reached out to me, we made the team, and then they announced the league structure which aligned with Rec’s goals a lot.

"They like that structure because it’s more beneficial and stable for organisations. So when it ended, Rec didn’t feel PUBG aligned with them anymore and I completely agree with them."

Last week, it was announced that a new map would be coming to the battle royale. In December 2019, PUBG creator Brendan "Playerunknown" Greene announced a new IP known as Prologue. He has since confirmed that it is not a sequel to his hit game.

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