AMD introduces new FreeSync monitor tiers

AMD introduces new FreeSync monitor tiers

Tech company AMD has introduced three tiers for its FreeSync PC monitor brand.

According to a company blog post, the three versions are FreeSync, FreeSync Premium and FreeSync Premium Pro. The latter was formerly known as FreeSync 2 HDR.

"Over the last few years, gaming components, gamer expectations, and FreeSync technology have evolved. With more powerful gaming components, the needs of gamers and their expected gaming experiences have matured," said AMD.

"Gamers looking for a premium, high refresh rate gaming experience should be enabled to easily identify and select the right products."

The basic tear offers a tear-free experience with low flicker and low latency. The premium tier build upon the basics, it has at least 120 Hz and low framerate compensation. Further improvements can be found in the pro version with HDR capabilities and games support with low latency in both SDR and HDR.

"The FreeSyncTM Premium Pro tier, previously known as FreeSync 2 HDR, delivers uncompromised high-performance gaming with stunning visual HDR fidelity. As games have evolved, immersive visual experiences are more important than ever," said AMD.

"Gamers demand high performance and high-fidelity visual gaming experiences. Displays certified for the AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro tier include highly accurate luminance and wide colour gamut testing to enable an exceptional HDR visual gaming experience.

AMD continued: "The base FreeSync tier remains as an industry baseline for monitors, laptops, and TVs that have been designed and tested to meet a quality standard of performance.

"Regardless of tier, all FreeSync monitors go through a comprehensive certification process, which tests various aspects such as no tearing, low flicker, and low latency to enable highly responsive gaming."

The American company was forced to acknowledge a bug in its Ryzen chips in September. The firmware was having issues that prevented it from achieving full boost frequency. A BIOS update was released the following week to eradicate the bug.

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