Destiny 2 has lost half its Stadia players since launch

Destiny 2 has lost half its Stadia players since launch

Bungie's Destiny 2 has apparently lost over half of its active player base on Google's Stadia streaming platform.

That's according to Forbes, which reports that there are 8,020 active players were recorded as of January 2nd, down from the 19,400 users that were on the sci-fi shooter. At the time of writing, Destiny data tracker Charlemagne reports that Stadia currently comprises, um, zero per cent of the online title's active user base.

Destiny 2: The Collection was the first free game to be released by Google for its Stadia Pro premium tier, which sees users subscribing and receiving a number of free games for their membership.

Given that Destiny 2 is already available on three other platforms, it's possible that many users just haven't seen the point of playing it on Google's cloud streaming service. That coupled with the fact it's an online game that many play with their friends may also be behind this decline - if peoples' mates are playing on other platforms, it might be easier to just go play on those.

These stats could also speak to Google Stadia attracting fewer users than the search giant would have hoped. 

Stadia rolled out on November 19th with a rather lacklustre release.


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