Google Stadia snaps up Typhoon Studios

Google Stadia snaps up Typhoon Studios

Google Stadia Games and Entertainment has acquired Typhoon Studios.

As revealed in a blog post, the independent developer will continue its work on its upcoming title Journey to the Savage Planet - a game that will be launched on multiple platforms on January 28th 2020.

The studio is headed by its founders, Alex Hutchinson and Red Schneider. The team at Typhoon will join Stadia Games and Entertainment in Montreal Canada.

The Canada-based studio is led by Sebastian Puel, a former Assassin's Creed developer - from 2009 until 2014's Unity.

"They've really assembled a AAA team, and the goal of acquiring the team is that it will really give us a head start in making the system-defining games everyone is waiting for," said Stadia Games & Entertainment head Jade Raymond to

"This is a top AAA team of industry veterans who already have a great working relationship and were able to ship something quickly, and they have a lot of great ideas for the platform."

Google's first-party development studio was first announced in October. Raymond has confirmed that it will be some time before any Google-produced titles will make their way to Stadia. Currently, the focus is on external projects.

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