Corsair is set to acquire gamepad specialist Scuf

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December 17th, 2019 acquisition Corsair Games
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Corsair is set to acquire gamepad specialist Scuf

PC hardware specialist Corsair has said it will be acquiring game controller company Scuf by the end of the year.

Scuf was launched in 2011, since then, the company has created gamepads that can be used on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The gamepads are specially designed to increase hand use and performance for competitive games.

A key selling point for Scuf controllers is the configurable features, including removable back peddles, thumbsticks, trigger extenders and stops and a choice in D-pads.

“We are thrilled to greatly expand our portfolio of industry-leading peripherals and enter the gaming controller space to help gamers play at their best,” said Corsair founder and CEO Andy Paul.

“Scuf leads the market for performance controllers and are a key ingredient to the success of countless esports professionals. SCUF will make an excellent and winning addition to the vast lineup of award-winning Corsair and Elgato products.”

“Over the last ten years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create the features that have made Scuf the preferred controller for the majority of top professional gamers," said Scuf Gaming CEO and founder Duncan Ironmonger.

"Controllers are the single most important connection between an individual and their game, becoming an extension of the player to maximize their performance.

“We are delighted to join forces with CORSAIR, who share similar DNA to Scuf with regards to innovation and design in the gaming market. Corsair has the operational scale and network to help us bring our innovation to even more gamers.”

Earlier this year, Corsair acquired Origin PC - a pre-built PC systems seller. In 2018, the firm expanded its portfolio with capture card specialist Elgato Gaming.

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