Corsair has bought Elgato's games division

Corsair has bought Elgato's games division

PC hardware specialist Corsair has made a big move into the streaming space with the purchase of Elgato Gaming.

The deal - which hasn't got a price tag on it just yet - was announced via Corsair's website, and sees the Munich-based streaming accessory company operating as its own brand under the Corsair umbrella.

Elgato Eve, the company's connected home business is going to continue as its own independent body called Eve Systems.

Elgato - for those not in the know - is best known in the games space for its capture cards which allow consumers to upload and record gameplay footage directly from their console or PC.

We've emailed Corsair PR to get more of an idea of what this deal means.

No doubt this is Corsair capitalising on the booming streaming and esports market. It's likely that more people than ever are forking out for gameplay recording devices, as streaming and YouTube personalities continue to boom, so the hardware firm wants a piece of this lucrative pie.

As of this deal, Corsair has added an Elgato Gaming section to its website which currently links to the recording specialist's site.

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