Intel granted patent for a new gamepad

Intel granted patent for a new gamepad

Intel has been granted a patent on a new controller design.

Found by LetsGoDigital on within the United States Patent Office database, the patent was first registered in March 2018.

The new gamepad shares similarities with other modern controllers such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pads. It features a central pad, triggers and symmetrical joysticks.

After revealing its partnership with Chinese tech giant Tencent, the new controller will likely be used for the Instant Play streaming service the two companies are working on.

The new streaming service will rival Google’s new Stadia platform - which launched on November 19th - and Microsoft’s Project xCloud.

Following the revelation of this new partnership, Intel spoke to The company explained that cloud tech will increase how many people play games, and expand upon what titles can be created.

As of 2020, Intel will have a foothold in the graphics card market for games as it launches new GPUs.

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