Intel: Cloud tech will expand what games can be made and how many people are playing them

Intel: Cloud tech will expand what games can be made and how many people are playing them

Intel is the latest company to buy into the cloud game tech hype train.

Speaking to in the wake of news that the chip maker was teaming up with Chinese tech and entertainment giant Tencent for the Instant Play streaming service, an Intel spokesperson said that cloud tech is going to change the way that games are played, made and how many people they can reach.

This echoes what Microsoft games boss Phil Spencer has said in the last year in reference to the streaming service that the Big M mentioned was in the works at E3 2018. In October of that year, the company announced the Project xCloud streaming service which is set for a beta release this year.

"At Intel, we’re focused on leading and innovating in both server and client platform computing solutions," the spokesperson told

"We are enthused about the development of cloud gaming offerings that companies are bringing to market. We believe the increased flexibility and innovation in this space will allow the gaming market to grow and reach new gamers, offer games in new ways, and enable entirely new types of gaming over time.

"While we can’t comment on Tencent’s work in the space, we’re excited to collaborate."

The impact of cloud tech is something that has discussed before as part of our on-going PC Revolution editorial

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