PUBG's loot crates will no longer need a key to access its items

PUBG's loot crates will no longer need a key to access its items

PUBG Corp will remove the locks on crates from paid for loot boxes.

The news was announced in a blog update, with the developer rolling out the changes on December 18th.

“Random Crates purchased with BP will no longer contain crates that require a key to open. Locked Crates from Random purchases will no longer be available starting December 18th,” said the company.

“Crates already in your inventory or acquired via the marketplace can still be opened with the appropriate key, which can still be purchased from the store and can still be purchased or sold on the marketplace.

“The new Crate will retain the trade value of the highest tier item; the probability for each tier has been adjusted overall to increase the likelihood of acquiring a weapon of an attractive design.”

The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds creator discovered that the majority of its player-base do not enjoy the current loot system.

As it stands, consumers need to purchase a loot crate with BP - in-game currency - and then purchase a key to unlock some of the crates that they have already paid for.

“Through player feedback, we’ve found that more often players do not get enjoyment out of opening crates as they currently exist,” said the firm.

“Patches have been carried out to continuously lower the probability of obtaining locked crates when purchasing a random one and items with special features have been added to locked crates to give them additional value for those who wish to purchase them, but we’ve learned that this issue cannot be completely resolved in this manner.

“Because of this, we’ve decided to discontinue the release of new locked crates and phase out the distribution of existing locked crates as well.

PUBG Corp recognises the significance of the Steam marketplace for its users, the company has assured its consumers that they can still buy and trade their items through the virtual marketplace.

The firm concluded: “The Steam marketplace is a component that many PUBG players enjoy, and we are certainly not trying to get rid of it with these changes.

“New items from future crates will continue to be able to be sold on the marketplace, and no locked crates means one less step a player interested in those items will have to go through.”

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