Indie storefront now boasts 200,000 games

Indie storefront now boasts 200,000 games

Indie games storefront now has 200,000 games available for sale.

In a blog update, the firm revealed the milestone, alongside new ways for consumers to find the games they want. Each week, the site blog will be updated, changing its recommended titles. On top of this, offers a bi-weekly email newsletter, it features selected blog posts, games and game jams.

The website also offers Selects Bundles. However, these are only seen three-to-four times a year and offer discounts on six-to-eight games.

“One of the things I’m proudest of at is how much curation we do. We’re out scouting every day for brand new games to feature,” said employee Spencer Hayes.

“But where do these awesome games live? Short answer: everywhere. One of the easiest places to find new games is right on the front page. This is the most frequently updated place on the site as we throw new games up there as we find them.

“There are also a few algorithmically filled modules (look for the Fresh Games and Recommended for You sections) and even one for upcoming game jams.”

There are two other options, if you would prefer to find your own games rather than what the site recommends then you can use tags or follow other users.

“Tags are attached to projects by their developers as a way to help communicate what’s in the games themselves,” said Hayes

“This may seem obvious but punching in your favourite genre or idea into the search bar at the top of the site will bring up all of the games tagged with, let’s say horror, first-person, or cute.”

Hayes concluded: “When you go to any game page you can follow that game’s creator.

“It’s a nice little button in the top right-hand corner of the page that will alert you whenever that person publishes a game, updates a game, reviews a game, or adds a game to a collection.”

In April 2018, we caught up with founder Leaf Corcoran to discuss the success in the indie marketplace’s first five years.

Last year, Corcoran slammed Valve in its content curation approach, branding it as “ridiculous.”

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