Bossa Studios is releasing three new prototype games

Bossa Studios is releasing three new prototype games

Bossa Studios is launching three free prototypes on October 30th to determine its next project.

As shown in a YouTube video (below), the studio - known for Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread - has announced new animal-themed prototypes are focused on Pigeons, fish and a fox. The new games are called Pigeon Simulator, I am Fish and Trash Bandits - a multiplayer battle focused on trash collection.

Wreak havoc alone or with friends in Pigeon Simulator, you can “Steal food, poop on your enemies and build nests to raise the next generation.”

I Am Fish is played similarly to its predecessor I Am Bread, tackle obstacles and overcome the odds to return the plucky fish to the ocean.

The titles will be available from October 30th to November 28th on the company’s website. On October 30th, Bossa Studios is holding a livestream on Twitch, in which it will reveal further details and gameplay for each of its new prototypes.

“We create more than 100 prototypes every year at our regular in-house game jams and Bossa Presents is our way of showcasing just a handful of them. Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift all began as jamlets before being developed into prototypes and then into full releases,” said Bossa Studios co-founder and creator-in-chief Imre Jele.

"With Bossa Presents we’re inviting players to dive in at this prototype stage, have fun playing the games, and give us valuable feedback on what could become a full release.”

This isn't the first time that Bossa has turned to the public to determine what its next game is. Back in 2017, Bossa revealed Decksplash, which ultimately never turned into a fully-fledged project as it hadn't generated enough excitement. 

These new games follow the company cancelling work on its ambitious MMO Worlds Adrift back in May, with the game ultimately closing in July. 

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