Wolfenstein studio MachineGames says store war is good for the industry

Wolfenstein studio MachineGames says store war is good for the industry

The developer at the helm of Bethesda's Wolfenstein series MachineGames has said that the wealth of storefronts in the PC games sector is good for the market.

Speaking to PCGamesN, senior level designer Kristoffer Kindh said that competition in the industry is good as it forces everyone to be better.

“Competition is good for the industry," Kindh said. "It’s good for everybody because competition just makes us be better.”

They continued: “The game market gets bigger, with more games getting released every day. My personal opinion is that it’s a natural growth, compared to how much game development is actually happening."

The developer said that some of the resistance from the games community is simply that users have been on Valve's platform for a long time.

“They just want to have Steam because that’s what they’re used to. For myself it doesn’t really bother me that much at all, it’s just another store for me. I just have to remember all the passwords.”

The so-called 'Store War' kicked off in 2018 when players including Epic, Discord, Kongregate and Robot Cache launched storefronts, with companies such as CD Projekt, Blizzard and Wolfenstein publisher Bethesda doubling down on their own platforms to varying degrees of success.

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