Paradox says competition in the PC games market is good for everyone

Paradox says competition in the PC games market is good for everyone

Swedish strategy specialist Paradox has praised both Valve and Epic, saying that they are valuable partners to its business.

Speaking to PCGamesN, CEO Ebba Ljungerud said that both companies have been great to work with while head of business development Shams Jorjani said that Valve is the best thing to happen to the PC games market in "the past 15 years." The biz dev chief went on to say that competition is good for the market overall.

“[Epic is] really good to work with,” Ljungerud said. “They’re very open and attentive. They’re a partner – as is Steam. So it’s been great so far working with them.”

“Probably the best thing to happen to PC gaming in the past 15 years is Valve, hands down,” Jorjani said. “They’re our most important partner and we have a great working relationship with them, but that doesn’t change the fact that, the more things that happen in the industry, the better.”

Jorjani continued: “Having an ecosystem that is alive and well and moving about is great for everyone. There’s more technology and engines and platforms to build stuff on and get it out, but that equally makes it incredibly hard to succeed. And if you have only one storefront on one platform, that makes it really hard for a bunch of developers.”

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