Motion Twin creates Evil Empire company to oversee Dead Cells, title passes 2.4m sales

Motion Twin creates Evil Empire company to oversee Dead Cells, title passes 2.4m sales

French games developer and co-operative Motion Twin has announced the creation of another company to manage its hit title Dead Cells.

That's according to a Steam update for the indie hit, in which the studio said that the developers behind Dead Cells had started another company called Evil Empire to continue working on the roguelike-metroidvania game.

Ultimately, workers at Motion Twin want to create something new. The company argues that setting up a new studio to handle Dead Cells while the rest of Motion Twin cracks on with new IP is the best of both worlds.

"Some of the Motion Twin team decided it would be best to keep on keeping on with Dead Cells, for financial reasons (obviously) but also because we’re not done with DC," the company wrote.

"There’s a STACK more ideas we’d like to try and so far the community that has formed around the game is awesome and keeps wanting more, so that’s a very good reason for us to keep working on the game.

"So, given that Motion Twin is a workers co-op and that this makes growing beyond 8-10 people quite difficult, those of us who wanted to keep Dead Celling decided to start another company to do just that.

"And so Evil Empire was born. In fact it doesn’t really change a terrible lot, three of us have been working on Dead Cells since the beginning and we’re all still in the same office as the rest of the Motion Twin team.

"Motion Twin retains complete creative control over the game and everything that we do is subject to their approval, though we’re obviously here to suggest cool new things and bring new levels, monsters and items into the game.

"What this all really means is that there will be more Dead Cells, a second Motion Twin game and eventually a completely new IP from Evil Empire, so hopefully it’ll be a win-win for everyone."

Furthermore, speaking to Destructoid, marketing man Steve Filby revealed that Dead Cells had sold 2.4m copies across all platforms, saying that Switch was "insane" from a sales perspective.

That echoes what Filby told at GDC this year. Back then the game had sold over one million units, with PC leading the charge but Switch being the fastest-selling platform.

We caught up with designer Sébastien Bénard and Filby to discuss what Motion Twin had learned from its time on Dead Cells.

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