"A 70/30 split is quite frankly anachronistic," says boss of Deep Silver parent Koch Media Kundratitz

"A 70/30 split is quite frankly anachronistic," says boss of Deep Silver parent Koch Media Kundratitz

The CEO of Deep Silver parent company Koch Media has said that the 70/30 revenue split is "frankly anachronistic."

Speaking to, the exec said that it partnered with the Epic Games Store because it is a "role model" for the way that digital platforms right now. 4A-developed Metro Exodus - which was published by Deep Silver - was exclusive to the Epic Games Store when it launched in February 2019

This is partly because Epic Games offers an 88/12 revenue split on its storefront, compared to the more traditional 70/30 terms. 

At GDC this year, Epic boss Sweeney said that Metro Exodus had sold 2.5 as many copies as Metro Last Light in the same window after launch.

Developers who have opted to go exclusive with the Epic Games Store - including Ooblets maker Glumberland - have come under fire from some elements from the games community, with the Fortnite maker condemning the harassment that some studios have received

"As a company, we have to do the things we believe in," Kundratitz explained.

"We make mistakes as well but this wasn't a mistake. We need to embrace a digital partner that offers a much more compelling rev share model than anybody else, and I think they act as a role model for us and for other digital partners as well -- a 70/30 split is quite frankly anachronistic."

Kundratitz's remarks echo those made by former Paradox CEO Fred Wester earlier this year when he said the traditional 70/30 split is "outrageous"

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