DayZ's classification is being reinstated in Australia

DayZ's classification is being reinstated in Australia

Survival shooter DayZ has been reclassified in Australia.

According to Kotaku, a modified version of the game was submitted to Australia's classification board. Upon review, it has been given an MA15+ rating.

The game received its initial ban due to cannabis being used to boost player vital statistics.

However, Bohemia Interactive's title was not only refused classification for a physical release but the digital copy which has been available in Australia since 2013 was removed from storefronts.

Australian trade body The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association discussed the banning. Citing it to not represent the average Australian, with many parents in the country not being concerned about drug use in games.

It's expected that the digital copies of the game for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will rejoin the respective stores in the coming days.

Frequent bannings

Several games have received bans in the country.

As revealed by Kotaku, most recently Hotline Miami, Kingdom Come Deliverance and We Happy Few were refused classification. The latter two titles have been banned following the release of DLC.

An unannounced Rockstar title has also found itself being refused classification by Australia's board.

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