Valve to start moderating some Steam Workshop submissions

Valve to start moderating some Steam Workshop submissions

Bellevue-base PC games giant Valve has said that it will be moderating submissions to its Steam Workshop scheme moving forward.

As reported by PCGamesN, Valve says that approvals will only be in place for some titles and that this isn't a blanket policy across all games. The company's own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 are among the projects which require a yes or no for Steam Workshop submissions.

The news that some Steam Workshop projects would require approval was originally broken on the CS:GO subreddit by user TanookiSuit3, who posted a screenshot saying that: "Moderators need to approve the latest version of this item before it will be visible to other players in the Workshop.”

While this in part to stop some of the scam projects uploaded to the CS:GO Steam Workshop, it's likely Valve wanting to keep an eye on what new ideas are coming around based on its own IP.

The latest Hot New Thing, Auto Chess, started life as a Steam Workshop project for Valve's own Dota 2. Chinese developer Drodo Studio was approached by the Washington-headquartered games firm to work on a full version of Auto Chess, with the developer declining and partnering up with local publisher Dragonest to make just that for mobile and PC. On the latter platform, it has signed an exclusivity deal with Epic Games.

Meanwhile, Valve has launched its own take on the auto chess genre in Dota Underlords, while Riot Games has incorporated this new mode into League of Legends as Teamfight Tactics.

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