The Outer Worlds’ exclusivity deal with Epic is a “cash grab”, says Chris Avellone

The Outer Worlds’ exclusivity deal with Epic is a “cash grab”, says Chris Avellone

Veteran game writer Chris Avellone has hit back at former employer Obsidian over The Outer World’s Epic Store exclusivity.

Avellone lashed out at Obsidian through Twitter after news broke that The Outer Worlds would have a limited exclusivity period on PC. For the first year, players will only be able to grab the Obsidian RPG through the Epic Store.

 Further down the thread, Avellone explained that restricting the game’s release has destroyed goodwill for what should be a highly-anticipated landmark release.

 This follows increasing consumer resentment at Epic’s habit of snatching up exclusivity deals with developers to help kickstart its storefront. Notably, Metro: Exodus was pulled from Steam after a lengthy pre-order period on Valve’s platform.

Of course, Epic boss Tim Sweeney believes the user experience across all storefronts is practically perfect, and his firm’s store is merely working to give the best deals to developers.

Avellone himself left Obsidian in 2015. His latest high-profile project is Techland’s Dying Light 2, which is chugging along unhindered by the company’s closure of its Polish distribution wing.

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