Large portion of No Man's Sky critics hadn't played the game, Hello's Murray says

Large portion of No Man's Sky critics hadn't played the game, Hello's Murray says

The founder of Hello Games Sean Murray has said that a significant portion of those criticising No Man's Sky actually haven't played the game.

Speaking to Edge editor Nathan Brown on-stage at Develop:Brighton 2019, the studio boss said that once it managed the tune out the noise from people who hadn't played No Man's Sky it found a wealth of useful feedback.

"We found that a huge percentage of people talking about the game online didn't own or play the game, which is not that surprising but is really nice to see how large that percentage is. That's about 70 or 80 per cent of conversation around it," he said.

"Most of those comments are about things that are nothing to do with us. The problems with pre-ordering, the price point or whatever. I think there are problems with that in the industry, but I have no ability to change those things. We're this tiny team and those are problems that sit over there. You see that around any game that has that kind of polarising launch; a lot of conversation is around and it's aimed at developers but it's about things the developers can't change.

"There are interesting conversations to have but they're probably misplaced. Then once you get rid of that noise, you start to get down to something interesting. You get to this point where you're actually reading something from someone who has played the game a lot so know it quite well - and this is almost your second most important group once you get rid of the noise - there are people out there saying something simple like: 'I don't like your inventory system' and once you get to that point, as a developer and think: 'I can fix that. Literally, I will go in tomorrow and fix that'. We have a lot in common now - you've played the game for a couple of hundred hours, I've done the same."

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