SuperData claims No Man’s Sky made more than $24 million in July

SuperData claims No Man’s Sky made more than $24 million in July

Research firm SuperData reports that No Man’s Sky’s Next update helped the game rake in revenue of over $24 million for the month of July. 

The news comes as a part of the company's digital games market report for July 2018. The substantial sum was brought in across all platforms, including the game’s July launch on Xbox One. Elsewhere, the addition of major new features like multiplayer and a universal overhaul saw thousands return to the much-maligned title.

The report also claims over two million active players took to the stars in July, a tenfold increase over June’s active player count. In the weekend following the release of Next, the game saw concurrents soar to almost 100,000 players.

Elsewhere in the report, SuperData reveals that premium PC was the weakest segment in July - down 14 per cent year-over-year. It's worth noting that July 2017 saw titles such as Playerunknown's Battlegrounds raking in huge amounts of money, while the same period this year has seen fewer sizeable titles launching and continuing to see success. 

Overall player spending on digital games reached $8.2 billion, a yearly increase of three per cent.

Fortnite growth, meanwhile, has begun to slow down, with revenue up only two per cent from June in spite of Season 5’s mid-month battle pass release.

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