15 per cent of American gamers predominantly play on PC

15 per cent of American gamers predominantly play on PC

Just 15 per cent of US gamers say that they mainly play on PC.

That's according to a report from Deloitte Insights based on the firm's media trends survey between 2015 and 2018, which shows that a relatively small portion of gamers in America play mostly on PC.

Those who are 'PC-dominant' spent 91 per cent of their time playing games on this platforms, with just seven spent on mobile and one on console. The mobile-dominant audience - 347 per cent of their time on smartphones. The console audience is the most varied, with 85 per cent of time spent on those platforms, 10 on mobile and four per cent on PC.

30 per cent of US consumers - the entire population, not just gamers - are already paying for a subscription service, with 41 per cent playing games more than once a week. What's more, Deloitte's research says that more people are paying for games subscriptions than TV subscriptions.

Console saw the highest percentage of users paying for subscriptions - 63 per cent - likely the result of PlayStation Now and Xbox's Game Pass.

Though streaming is on the horizon - and subscription services are assumed as part of that - Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment boss David Haddad says that the two don't necessarily go hand-in-hand for the games market.

SuperData said that $273m was spent on games subscription services in Q3 2018, with the lion's share of that going to Sony's PlayStation Now.  

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