Here's what PC Connects Seattle 2019's CodeShop and PC Revolution tracks hold

Here's what PC Connects Seattle 2019's CodeShop and PC Revolution tracks hold

The afternoon of May 13th sees PC Connects Seattle 2019 looking into the technical challenges of making a game in our CodeShop track, as well as gazing into our crystal ball to see what the future of the industry holds with The PC Revolution. 

Our short and sweet CodeShop track features talks from both Unreal Engine evangelist Christian Allen, as well as looking at making game audio with ED Music's Erik Desiderio

After that, it's on to The PC Revolution, with big names like Microsoft's Chris Charla and Valve alum Chet Faliszek taking to the stage - among others - to share their insight into the future of the PC games market. 

Tickets can be purchased right here and the full schedule is below. You can see what to expect from the State of Play and Digital Discovery tracks here

CodeShop: Design and Development

Unreal Engine: Rapid Prototyping using Unreal Marketplace

The landscape of rapid prototyping has changed with the availability of triple-A quality game assets to developers for low or no cost. Using practical examples, Unreal Engine evangelist Christian Allen will discuss benefits, lessons, and tips for using content from the Unreal Marketplace for prototyping and feature implementation in Unreal Engine, including gameplay, performance, and project structuring for the best chance of success. Attendees of varying skill levels on both triple-A and indie projects will benefit from the points discussed.

Audio for Pre-existing IP: A New Approach

This talk from ED Music's Erik Desiderio will discuss how to create a new vision when working on a property that has an extensive history. How much can you change the sound and direction of audio for the new project? I’ll use examples from Star Trek: Fleet Command, Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer, Adventure Time VR, and other projects that I’ve composed music and created sound effects for.

The PC Revolution

ID@Xbox turns Six

The boss of Microsoft's ID@Xbox indie publishing scheme Chris Charla tells us how the program has supported independent developers, how the market is changing, and what the future holds for indies in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Refereum Hub

Newly launched community hub product where Refereum connects up and coming content creators to all sized PC developers, to help drive revenue for their favorite titles while growing their own audiences. CEO Dylan Jones tells us more

Everything Wrong

With years of visiting developers around the world and talking with them about culture and process, Valve vet and Stray Bombay founder Chet Faliszek challenges the base assumptions developers make when starting a studio. The talk questions our default positions on power dynamics, communication, work focus, and other topics.

Game Changers: Three Business Disruptions Upon Us

Your near future includes three seismic developments that'll change how games & studios make revenues and how games are designed: connective tissue (the social media goliaths & Discord are encroaching on the direct player relationships), spectating (the younger cohorts increasingly consumes games linearly), and subscriptions (which do not play nice with the F2P & premium revenue models). Eric Goldberg, who previously forecast the ascendance of mobile, social media, and F2P, outlines the new playing field of the early 2020s.

The Future of PC Marketing

Media veteran and founder of PCGamesN publisher Network-N James Binns shares his insight into how you can get the word out about your game in 2019 and beyond

The Store Panel

Our final session at The PC Revolution track is looking at the evolving landscape for buying and selling games in 2019. The previous year saw new players entering the sector, but is what they are offering good enough to entice developers? Our panel explores this strange new world in which we find ourselves

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