Ubisoft is rewarding Rainbow Six Siege “Bug Hunters” with cosmetics

Ubisoft is rewarding Rainbow Six Siege “Bug Hunters” with cosmetics

Ubisoft is encouraging Rainbow Six Siege players to hunt down bugs and exploits with unique cosmetic rewards.

By taking part in the multiplayer shooter’s Test Server, so-called “Bug Hunters” can earn items by being the first to successfully report issues. Players gain credit for each report, with a special dino-legged Frost charm up for grabs upon three successful logs.

Every Friday, gifts will be distributed to players who meet reward thresholds. More cosmetics are set to be added as the program continues.

Only the first player to do so for a given bug will receive credit, and developers must be able to successfully reproduce the issue. By making it a race, Ubisoft hopes to encourage timely and well-written reporting habits.

“All issues need to be in English, clearly stated and with visual evidence, either a screenshot or a video that clearly shows the problem,” said Ubisoft. “Only the first person to report the acknowledged bug will receive credit towards the rewards.”

Reports will be filed via R6Fix, which Ubisoft claims has received over 7,000 bug reports since implementation last year. This next step extends the developer's attempts to crowdsource QA out to the community.

The Bug Hunter program kicked off on the Rainbow Six test server yesterday. As a test server exclusive feature, console players won't be able to take part, leaving some frustrated at the PC exclusivity of the rewards.

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