Take-Two's Private Division says there aren't enough companies supporting mid-tier developers

Take-Two's Private Division says there aren't enough companies supporting mid-tier developers

Projects that sit between the scale, budget and scope of the triple-A and indie sectors are "underserved".

Asked by why Take-Two's new Private Division publishing label was focusing on mid-tier projects, VP of production Allen Murray (right) said that there aren't enough companies supporting this level of development. 

"We really feel that this is an underserved space and allows for a lot of creative risk-taking, while also giving teams the budgets needed to really realise their vision," he said.

"And as you mention, there are a lot of solid publishers supporting the smaller indie titles, so why compete directly with that? But when those developers are ready to take on more and their ambitions have grown, we’re here for them. And it is not just the development budgets, but also adequate marketing, PR and distribution capabilities as well."

We also asked the team whether there's any pressure to being part of the Take-Two family. After all, its Rockstar and 2K Games arms have a solid track record of hits with the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands and NBA 2K.

"It’s a Take-Two mandate that, across all of our publishing labels, quality is our north star," SVP and head of strategy and independent publishing Michael Worosz (above, far right) said.

"And speaking for Private Division, we endeavour to find bold ideas and help turn them into critical and commercial hits. So I’d say our own expectations and those of senior corporate leadership, are incredibly high."

We caught up with Worosz when Take-Two announced Private Division at the end of 2017 to discuss what the Grand Theft Auto giant had planned for this new publishing label. 

Take-Two and Private Division aren't the only companies interested in supporting the mid-tier. Speaking to last year in the wake of its E3 spending spree, CVP Matt Booty said that Microsoft was also interested in mid-tier developers. The Big M has since bought Obsidian, who is making The Outer Worlds for Private Division, which incidentally means that if those rumours of Sony buying Take-Two had been true, the PlayStation firm would have owned a company publishing a game by a studio owned by Microsoft. 

You can read more from Private Division in our upcoming interview with the Take-Two label

Private Division's senior producer Kari Toyama is one of the speakers at PC Connects Seattle 2019 - more information here. 

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