Gris launch trailer gets Facebook too hot under the collar for approval

Gris launch trailer gets Facebook too hot under the collar for approval

Facebook won’t be seduced into letting Gris’ launch trailer onto its puritan platform.

Devolver revealed through Twitter yesterday that the video advert for Nomada Studio’s painterly platformer had been rejected by Facebook. As it turns out, a brief clip of a crumbling statue comes under the platform’s definition of “sexually suggestive” content.

Speaking to Kotaku, Devolver called the refusal “stupid.”

"We appealed and they said the appeal was rejected based on the grounds that Facebook does not allow nudity," said a spokesperson for the publisher.

"First of all, she's a statue and second, absolutely no nudity is shown in that photo, nor is this what any reasonable person would consider 'sexualized content'."

To cap off the story, Devolver’s tweet saw dozens of replies from fans who had actually encountered overtly sexual - and highly violent - content in Facebook ads.

Unless someone at Facebook really is getting off to well-crafted art reflecting the crumbling loss of a young woman’s experience with pain, there’s a little bit of inconsistency with Facebook’s quality control.

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