Kartridge to host regular curated collection of Indie Megabooth games

Kartridge to host regular curated collection of Indie Megabooth games

Kongregate’s Kartridge storefront is hosting a quarterly curated collection of Indie Megabooth games.

Indie Megabooth Showcases regularly appear at shows like PAX, BitSummit and GDC, and has hosted 800 games in its seven-year history.

Starting immediately, Kartridge will host 10 games from the event's history via the Indie Megabooth Spotlight.

“At their heart, Indie Megabooth showcases are about curation,” said Indie Megabooth in a blog post.

“Our goal for every showcase is to curate the best slate of new and up-and-coming indie games for gamers to experience and discover. But why end the curation at the events? We’re taking our curation and going digital.”

The first run of games has been put together to provide a general round-up of the kinds of games Indie Megabooth seeks to spotlight at events.

The 10-game collection includes Young Horse’s Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Cyan Inc.’s Obduction, Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro and Nyamakop’s Semblance, among others.

The support of a known name like Indie Megabooth gives credence to Kartridge’s indies-first philosophy. Spotlighted games will be given front-page space and are marked with a special icon on the store (below)

Kartridge, which entered open beta at the start of November, is a standalone storefront from long-running web game portal Kongregate.

As newer stores have experimented with ever-smaller revenue shares, Kartridge is promising 100 per cent of revenue to the developers for the first $10,000 a project earns.

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