Kongregate’s new Kartridge storefront enters open beta on November 1st

Kongregate’s new Kartridge storefront enters open beta on November 1st

Kongregate’s Kartridge storefront will enter open beta this November.

The publisher revealed it would be launching its own store client earlier this year. Kartridge is self-described as a "community-focused, developer-first gaming platform," focused on premium titles.

An open beta for the client will launch on November 1st. A closed beta, meanwhile, is already underway for users who sign up here.

Kongregate announced that developers like Double Fine, Versus Evil and Ninja Kiwi would headline an open beta launch of over 200 games.

To get developers on board, Kartridge offers a 100 per cent revenue share for the first $10,000 earned on the platform. Kongregate also promises better discoverability, using human curation alongside algorithms to manage store shelves.

Kongregate doesn’t see Kartridge as a competitor to Steam, however. CEO Emily Greer (pictured, main) told us that the client is intended as more of an experience for users and a significant alternative for developers looking to host their games online.

"The PC world doesn't need another storefront where all you do is shop for games,” said Greer.

"What we're focused on is having something that isn't just about buying games, but then the playing the game is a part of the experience of being on Kartridge.

“The general attitude that we have and the reception we've had from developers is that they would really like for there to be a significant second platform.”

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