Discord’s PC games store now supports Early Access

Discord’s PC games store now supports Early Access

Discord’s new storefront now hosts games in active development through Early Access.

The popular chat client launched its own store last month, hoping to draw in its existing userbase with limited exclusivity on select titles and a more curated catalogue than its competitors.

Discord has now added an Early Access section to its marketplace, similar to Steam’s section of the same name.

The initial Early Access lineup includes the Discord-exclusive Mad Machines, alongside dinosaur-tycoon Parkasaurus, fantasy life-sim Kynseed, first-person spooker Visage and Descenders’ downhill biking.

“As players ourselves, we’re stoked at the chance to provide feedback and shape the game experiences we love,” read a statement from Discord in a blog post.

“Chatting directly with devs in their verified servers and helping guide the game towards what we want to play is, well, SICK.

“This is why we’re launching Discord Early Access. Now, devs can release their games as early access and players like you can support them during their development.”

Discord has already found itself useful as a place for developers to promote their games and grow communities - as explained for us by Failbetter’s Haley Uyrus. Letting those communities launch in-development games from the same client could be a way to increase the service’s value for indies.

It’s likely these new titles may be affected by Discord’s apparent online-only DRM.

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