Titanfall developer Respawn will have multiple games release by end of 2019

Titanfall developer Respawn will have multiple games release by end of 2019

Respawn Entertainment plans to release multiple new games by the end of next year.

That news was revealed briefly during EA’s earnings conference call with investors and shareholders yesterday.

“Across multiple studios, we have new projects underway, including games from Respawn that are slated to launch by next holiday season,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen confirmed that Wilson did indeed use the plural games, implying that Respawn is at work on more than one new title.

“You heard Andrew say ‘games’ plural in regards to Respawn,” said Jorgensen. “Consider that a little Easter egg left in the conference call.”

Pressed on when more information would be revealed, Jorgensen added: “We’ll have more to come on that. We’ll brief people on that as we get into the fourth quarter.”

Respawn hinted at work on a Star Wars title, Jedi: Fallen Order, this E3, but with no details besides a name, I’d hesitate to expect a launch next winter. There’s always hope for a Titanfall 3, of course, but Respawn was also supposedly working on a number of VR titles for EA.

EA purchased Respawn Entertainment for $455 million last November, after publishing its first two Titanfall games. 

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