Hackers attacked Apex Legends... to raise awareness of Titanfall being hacked

Hackers attacked Apex Legends... to raise awareness of Titanfall being hacked

Battle royale title Apex Legends is facing attack from hackers who want to "save Titanfall" from being hacked itself.

As reported by Dexerto's Apex Legends News, users have noticed a new playlist within the game called ''. This appears after they finish a match and directs them to a website that is trying to raise awareness of the fact that the 2014 original Titanfall is being overrun by hackers. This message says that developer Respawn Entertainment has ignored complaints about the matter. However, the people posting messages in Apex have said they are not affiliated with the website

“Titanfall is a beloved franchise by many, and hacker issues have been at rise," reads a post on

"The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this issue for over three years, but to no avail. Today this game is still being sold, while being completely unplayable. It’s time we speak up.”

Respawn has taken to Twitter to acknowledge the issues facing Apex Legends at the moment and has historically said that it is trying to fix the problems with Titanfall.

Initially, this was only affected Apex Legends players on PC, but there were later reports claiming that it spread to PlayStation and Xbox consoles too.

As of 3:16 BST on July 5th, Respawn has said that the issues are now "resolved" with matchmaking restored to its normal state without the aforementioned messages and playlist.

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