Unity GDK rollout saw highest single-day sign-ups for Improbable's SpatialOS since launch

Unity GDK rollout saw highest single-day sign-ups for Improbable's SpatialOS since launch

The rollout of Improbable's Unity Game Development Kit (GDK) resulted in the biggest uptick of signups for SpatialOS since the firm's cloud tech was launched with the Google Innovation Programme in 2016.

That's according to VP of product management Paul Thomas, who told that the number of developers signing up is double the milestone reached in that point in the tech's life. 

"It's been pretty big. We have a couple of thousand developers signed up. It's the biggest week we've ever had," he said.

"The only week that compares to that is when we initially launched the product in 2016. We've seen twofold the numbers. It's been pretty big."

The firm has also announced the rollout of a GDK for Epic's Unreal Engine 4, due for release next week. It says it has similar aims but doesn't expect this launch to have the same impact due to audience sizes.

"We have similar ambitions for Unreal. I don't think it'll be quite a big as the Unreal community isn't as big as Unity's. But we hope to have a similar uptick," Thomas said.

"If you look at the signups today, around a quarter of those are interested in the Unreal product. They've seen SpatialOS through Unity, have seen there's an Unreal version so have signed up. We have a large mailing list of people there and ready to go for the Unreal sign of the products.

Asked what engines might see GDK support in the near future - such as CryEngine - Thomas told that it depends on what the community wants and needs.

"We are looking at the overall engine market and deciding where we should put our investment," he said.

"We're mostly doing that based on customer demand. At the moment we only have one CryEngine developer; if we were to get some more maybe we'd look at doing a GDK in that space. Ultimately, Unity and Unreal were first because there are a lot more developers using those."

You can check out our full interview with Thomas about how Improbable is trying to make its SpatialOS tech more accessible right here. 

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