Gamers can exclusive skin for League of Legends by donating blood in the Netherlands

Gamers can exclusive skin for League of Legends by donating blood in the Netherlands

Riot Games has partnered with Dutch blood-bank Sanguine to promote donating blood among gamers.

The League of Legends developer is offering an exclusive in-game cosmetic to players who donate blood, in a campaign running through until the end of December. Anyone who donates at Sanguine for the first time will be rewarded with a Blood Moon Thresh skin.

"Anybody who has watched the EU LCS can tell you that securing First Blood is one of the most important objectives on the Rift," said Riot head of sponsorships and business development for the EU esports Alban Dechelotte, in a blog post.

"Similarly, donating blood in real life is crucial for those in need, which is why we've partnered with Sanquin. The organisation is responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands and is on a mission to combat the concerning decrease in blood donor numbers.

“Now, players are encouraged to go for their first blood donation with #MyFirstBlood, not to win their own game, but to help thousands of others in the battle for their lives."

In addition, Sanguine is sponsoring the Dutch-language broadcast of this September’s EU LCS Summer Finals.

Though likely unrelated, this is a small bit of positive PR for a company that hasn't exactly had the best month in the press. Earlier in August, a report from Kotaku exposed the game maker's bro-centric working culture to be sexist with female employees talking of an uncomfortable working environment. The company's hiring process was also a point of contention.  

Fair play to Riot as the company responded saying that work needed to be done and not denying any accusations levelled against it. Whether that is just nice PR messaging or not remains to be seen. 

The head of creative development Greg Street also addressed the accusations on his personal Tumblr, saying that he was going to be doing more to make sure women's voices were heard at the League of Legends maker

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