IGN removing 'pretty much everything' by disgraced journalist Filip Muicin following Dead Cells review scandal

IGN removing 'pretty much everything' by disgraced journalist Filip Muicin following Dead Cells review scandal

It seems that Filip Miucin's Dead Cells review was far from the only piece of work that featured plagiarism.

IGN said that it was investigating previous articles from the disgraced former Nintendo editor. Now it seems that many pieces were plagiarised, with IGN executive reviews editor Dan Stapleton and editorial director Justin Davis taking to Twitter (below) to give an update on this work.

Long story short - "pretty much everything" Miucin is being removed, per a tweet from Stapleton, with Davis expressing his disappointment on the matter.

"FYI it's looking more and more likely that most of his work published on IGN has editorial copy in it sufficiently derivative of previously-published work that it is a significant ethical breach and will need to be removed," Davis said on Resetera.

"We are moving on it as fast as we can as a Senior Editorial staff.

"There are complications. Including challenges around removing review scores and the way our site CMS works (which is why Dead Cells unfortunately displayed a "0.0 Disaster" score for a time).

"A final decision hasn't been made but I think the most likely outcome is all of his work will be removed, and we'll decide from there what we need to do in terms of replacing the back-catalogue of critical content we owe game makers."

This follows the revelation that Miucin had copied Nintendo Life's FIFA 19 Switch review as well as Engadget's Metroid: Samus Returns critique.

Miucin responded to the scandal in a monetised video that showed the personality wasn't even really aware of what had gone wrong and lacked any apology. Oh, it's now been deleted. 

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