Bungie to disclose reward probabilities in Destiny 2 loot boxes

Bungie to disclose reward probabilities in Destiny 2 loot boxes

Bungie is planning to display loot box probabilities in Destiny 2 to give players a better insight into where their money is going.

Tucked away within a weekly update blog post under “goals and philosophies”, the developer confirms it will “share Bright Engram reward probabilities on".

Bright Engrams are Destiny 2’s loot boxes, earned either as periodic rewards or purchased with real-money transactions. They contain a number of cosmetic rewards for weapons, outfits, sparrow paint jobs or animated emotes.

It looks like soon, Bungie will start listing the probability rates for Bright Engram drops on its own website, in an attempt to further distance the practice from gambling.

The move follows an industry-wide step back from some of the more controversial elements of loot boxes, if not dropping them entirely. Similarly, FIFA 19 will disclose the odds of Ultimate Team pack drops, while Psyonix is pulling a similar line with Rocket League loot boxes.

Meanwhile, Dutch Dota 2 players can now just straight-up see what a crate will contain before purchase.

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