Bossa's Faliszek emphasises importance of developers sharing what they are doing with emerging tech

Bossa's Faliszek emphasises importance of developers sharing what they are doing with emerging tech

Valve vet and Bossa Studios creative director Chet Faliszek has said that it is important for game makers using emerging tech such as AI to share what they are doing.

Speaking to, the developer said that the during his time working with virtual reality at Valve it was the studios who shared the most that went on to make the best projects. This is something he is carrying on with now he is working with artificial intelligence at Bossa Studios.

"The biggest goal is always making a good game. You do that first. If you do that, then everything else in the world could happen," Faliszek said.

"For now, we're more than happy to speak to other developers working in this space to discuss what we're doing and go really in depth. We don't hide things, we don't make people sign NDAs because I think it's important to have this open conversation about this stuff.

"The VR stuff opened my eyes to how much the early players who share the most are the ones who made the best stuff and are the most well-positioned in the field. Always share what you're doing and talk about it and be open about it. I can tell you the game we are making and you're going to make an entirely different game, too. It's just about execution. It's about once you start doing it you find the things that work for you or don't. Games are so much execution over ideas."

Faliszek also emphasises the importance of experimentation when toying around with new technology.

"At Valve, I would go give someone a VR kit and they'd have all this stuff they want to go do and I'd be sat there saying: 'That is a bad idea'," he said.

"I don't need to tell them that because they are smart and once you start working with it you'll realise it's a bad idea. It's about embracing those technologies and really finding out what it's good at doing. You do that by starting small and doing experiments and then moving forward with it."

Our full interview with Faliszek is going live shortly. 

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