PUBG's take on Fortnite's Battle Pass drops tomorrow

PUBG's take on Fortnite's Battle Pass drops tomorrow

Tomorrow's Sanhok update for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds will also bring a Fortnite-like new Event Pass for unlocking content.

Releasing tomorrow with the new map, the Event Pass bears a striking similarity to Tencent's PUBG Mobile Royale Pass. It appears that passes will be themed around new content, with the first focusing on the new jungle map Sanhok

"This first Event Pass is all about celebrating the launch of Sanhok, so it includes an item set that fits the map Sanhok thematically," said PUBG Corp in a Steam post.

The PUBG Mobile Twitter account recently showed off a video demonstrating the new way of unlocking content. Like the Fortnite Battle Pass, there are two tiers of unlock trees - sporadic rewards for free players, and a steadier rate of higher quality masks, taunts and cosmetics for those who fork out for the pass.

There is a level cap of 70 for cosmetic unlocks - unlike Fortnite, the pass lasts for only four weeks, not the entire season. Purchasing the paid tier will unlock all previous rewards for levels already reached. We currently have no information on how much the pass will cost, or what sort of unlock challenges to expect.


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