Platinum Games looks to “turn the action genre on its head” with next project

Platinum Games looks to “turn the action genre on its head” with next project

Platinum Games is working on a closely-guarded secret project that’s set to “turn the action genre on its head.”

During a panel at BitSummit, head producer Atsushi Inaba and co-founder Hideki Kamiya confirmed the Osaka studio was had begun work on several new games. While Kamiya is currently at work on a third installment of Bayonetta, Platinum is currently at work on a number of titles.

One of these, Inaba stressed, was top secret. Few within the studio are aware of its development, and Inaba claims it will “turn the action genre on its head”.

At this stage it’s likely the project is in the barest state, and it’ll be a long time before we hear more - if at all. But Platinum have established an industry reputation for acclaimed character action titles thanks to Bayonetta and their recent work on NieR: Automata. If they’re making bold claims about changing the game, it’s probably worth listening.

The multi-game approach matches with Inaba’s panel response to a question of budgets. When asked how Platinum compete with the immense budgets of western titles, the producer responded that the amount of money spent on game development scares him. Platinum prefers a variety of different projects with different budgets and content to stay competitive.

Things are certainly looking up at the Japanese action-centric studio - last year, its Xbox exclusive Scalebound was cancelled by Microsoft after a number of delays. Kamiya credits Nier Automata and its writer Yoko Taro with saving the developer. 

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